• Best of Boston 2002 Award - Duffy Design Group
    Residential Services

    The home is at once a place of nurturing, a platform for expression of our personalities and interests and an environment in which we share experiences with family and friends. At Duffy Design Group, it is our goal to create spaces that allow for all of these. Because our clients are diverse, it dictates that our designs be equally diverse and unique to each of them. Acknowledgement of the specific environment, both natural and fabricated is also an important factor of our design process.

  • Best of Boston 2003 Award - Duffy Design Group
    Commercial Services

    In a commercial space, it’s important to describe the brand from the moment a person walks through the entry door.  That initial experience is paramount and lasting.  At DDG, we make it our goal to ensure that happens and is consistently reinforced throughout the subsequent spaces.  We strive to complement the architectural envelope and integrate our design to it.  We also pay close attention to the function of each space and the safety of it’s occupants.  We incorporate the guidelines of universal accessibility and sustainable practices in every project.

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