Berta J Martinez

Author: Duffy Design Group |

We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dennis Duffy for over thirty years. These projected have included major residential renovations in NYC and San Juan, Puerto Rico along with some commercial sectors. In all of these, he has exhibited a keen eye for design, space, form, and function in very different settings along with the ability to work with different personalities balancing their goals and expectations.

We have found him to be detail oriented and also flexible in both design approach and budget. He has a strong ability to blend existing furnishings and artwork with the architectural setting, layering pieces that he designs specifically for the project, when appropriate. He has always paid attention to our unique interests and needs and made sure they were satisfied. He is able to work well with other team members, architects, builders, tradesmen or condo boards, and coop boards in New York City and San Juan.

In short, Dennis is one interior designer, friend, and great human being!