What Makes Duffy Design Group Stand Out

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What Makes Duffy Design Group Stand Out

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About Duffy Design Group

We are a full-service interior design firm in Tampa, Florida, that specializes in both residential and commercial sectors. We also run a Boston satellite office.  

Our founder, Dennis Duffy, launched his first studio in the late 1980s in New York. Later, in the early 90’s he opened an office in San Juan, PR, before deciding to relocate to Boston in 1996, where he had his studio for twenty-two years. 

Today, he serves clients in the Tampa Bay and Boston areas and employs an assistant designer and a part-time bookkeeper. Besides, he mentors the next generation of designers at his studio.

The studio is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am-6 pm, with appointments on evenings and Saturdays.

The Duffy Design Group Difference

An integral aspect of our success is the ability to craft stylish interiors based on our clients’ aesthetic aspirations and functional requirements. We do this by carefully listening to what our clients’ likes and dislikes are and how they want to integrate their lifestyle into the chosen spaces.

What also sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our thirty years of professional experience. We use our extensive knowledge of resources along with our extended team of craftsmen to ensure the highest quality result in the execution of the design.  We also value personal connections and have built longstanding relationships with many of our clients, often working with them on multiple projects.  We realize that we are providing a service and are proud of our roster of satisfied clients.  That reputation has carried us through two major economic recessions!  We hope not to see another one anytime soon!!

Our goal for the future is to continue to grow our practice in our two target markets (Tampa Bay and Metro Boston areas).

We are also continually striving to keep abreast of new technology and relevant codes for interiors. The advances in LED lighting and digital printing are two examples of technology that have had a profound effect on our work.  We stay current through attendance at continuing education courses and trade shows.

We are also passionate about protecting the environment. Consequently, we strive to follow best practices in all projects, using LEED guidelines, even if the project is not applying for certification. Internally, we adhere to all recycling programs.

We believe strongly in giving back to the community.  To that end, we have worked with many community groups, designing spaces for homeless shelters, halfway houses, and installations for fundraising events.

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