Top Five Things To Look For In An Interior Designer

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Top Five Things To Look For In An Interior Designer

All of us dream about our house and how we want it to look and feel. The vibe of our living/entertaining areas, the functionality of our kitchen and the serenity of our bedroom retreat are a few of these targets. To fulfill these dreams, we may choose to modify our existing spaces. Those modifications can come in the form of a substantial renovation, a simple cosmetic refresh, or somewhere in between. But, designing and redecorating a home is not a walk in the park and the entire process could easily overwhelm many individuals, which could lead to mistakes. 

This is why you should hire a professional interior designer. They have the knowledge and experience needed to bring your vision to reality. However, the vast number of designers you can choose from makes it hard to figure out which one is compatible with you and your vision. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an interior designer.

1. Credentials and background
As homeowners, you need to vet your designer. Interview them about their credentials, where they got their training and degree from, and what else they can add to make your project a great one. Ask them how they carry out the business with other clients. Find out about their background and specializations. Many designers specialize in specific types of projects such as homes, hospitals, hotels, or specific rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.  

2. Experience
What sets some interior designers apart from the rest of the competition is their professional experience. A designer that has substantial experience will be able to steer you and the project to avoid pitfalls and conflicts. Find out if they have worked with projects similar to yours, ask how they formulated the conceptual design solution.

3. Client references
References are a great way to learn more about a designer while understanding their process and figuring out what they can deliver for your project. The best way to do his is to talk to current or former clients who have already gone through the process. Therefore, you should ask a designer for a list of clients that are willing to be contacted. Most good designers are happy to share references with their clients. 

4. Work examples/portfolio
It’s important to see work examples of prospective design partners. But understand that each project in their portfolio should have been specific to that client. Their ability to provide that variety, while maintaining a consistent design approach is important. While you may point out elements from these images that you like, your project should be unique to you. Feel free to ask questions about how they came to create a particular environment. 

5. Initial meeting impression
During your first meeting, you need to evaluate the compatibility between you and your designer. The ability to communicate is paramount to a successful outcome. It’s equally important for a designer to listen to your aesthetic and functional goals as it is for them to be able to communicate solutions to you. This is a very personal relationship and it is vital that you feel comfortable with your designer. There will be times when you may disagree with their proposed choices and you need to feel completely comfortable in voicing your concerns. A good designer will be able to respond with their reasoning for those choices, but will also be flexible enough to find another solution. Ultimately, you want to be sure that they will put your needs first. Also, ask them to explain the process of a typical project and how they are compensated. If they have a standard Letter of Agreement, ask them to leave it with you to review.

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